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Sunday, September 10, 2006

rare device.

rare device is just another one of those online shops that contain a nice assortment of pretty little things, from housewares to purses to jewelry. it's always nice to look through places like that.

stitch pixie.

stitchpixie is run by a very inspiring girl by the name of cheryl chudyk, a canadian artist based out of vancouver, bc. she makes beautiful bags and pouches, as well as jewelry, all from vegan materials. she also donates 10 percent of all her proceeds to a child in zambia that she sponsors through world vision. quite inspiring indeed.

whimsy press.

as a lover of nice patterns, whimsy press makes me swoon. the company consists of a team of talented designers who create bold patterns for gift wrap, note cards, stickers, and notepads. the gift wrap is my favorite of the products, double-sided and creatively themed.