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Saturday, September 09, 2006

my favorite mirror.

i really love every little handheld mirror that my favorite mirror produces. they are perfect to stick in your bag, give as a gift, or use as party favors at your wedding. my favorite ones are designed by some of my favorite illustrators. check them out.

above designs by: kathleen habbley, daniele young, jen corace, heidi kenney, brandon reese, susie ghahremani, s. britt, and saelee oh.


stephanie syjuco of san francisco started the company anti-factory out of her frustration of sweatshop labor and mass-produced cheap clothing. as someone who believes in reusing, she has chosen to create every one of her pieces from 100 percent recycled materials. on top of that, every item is hand-constructed, making each one unique. and they are all just so very pretty.

rose & radish.

tonight i am feeling quite short-of-breath, dizzy, and queasy, so i have very little to say on here. i will, however, direct you to the rose and radish store, a place of nice little toys and home accessories.