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Thursday, August 31, 2006

pare umbrella.

portland, oregon is known mainly for three things: roses, bridges, and above all, a whole lotta rain. roughly nine months of the year it sprinkles, drizzles, and pours. generally, without an umbrella, you are going to get wet out there.

living here over a year now, i still don't own a good umbrella. we have a pink leopard one, received as a gift, and a brown one from the local grocery store (purchased on a very wet night amidst a storm). i always dreamed of owning a 60's plastic umbrella with plastic flowers inside. now i have found umbrellas just as lovely: pare umbrella. located in seattle, they also know what it's like to be surrounded by rain all the time.

dutch by design.

dutch by design is a website dedicated to provide lovers of modern design with beautiful home accessories, all designed by some of the best dutch artists. everything is simply modernistic and the items displayed can easily make anyone's home look a whole lot nicer.