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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

motel gallery.

one of the things i was very excited about seeing when i first moved to portland was motel gallery. it's a very tiny little art gallery north of west burnside downtown, containing prints, paintings, embroidery, jewelry, and other handmade items by extremely talented illustrators that i have loved for quite a long time. they have beautiful exhibitions each month that i always try to make an effort to check out.

the following are some examples of artwork that have been prevously shown there.

above: "untitled 2" by carson ellis, "tunnel of love" by jen corace, "defense mechanism" by caroline hwang, "spies surround us" by jessie rose vala, "thinking about (heavy shit)" by ryan jacob smith, and "day dream" by orly cogan.

honey for the bear.

of course, i am already spending my late nights looking at baby apparel websites. the other night i came across honey for the bear, a site i remember looking at while i was last pregnant. i wish they had a registry on the website- i love all of it.