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Monday, August 28, 2006

jill bliss.

i can't believe i've gone this long without doing a post on the ever-so inspiring jill bliss. i first discovered jill years ago, when i picked up the book she did for shelflife records. i fell in love.

"my life and work are naturally full of color, sly humor and hand-tinkered style. with a penchant for collaborative endeavors and sharing, my world grows a little larger as each new co-conspirator hops aboard."

i encourage you, if you haven't already, to search through everything there is in her portfolio. it's beautiful.

her lovely work can be purchased at blissen.com.


basically anyone who is into pattern design knows the magnificence that is marimekko. marikmekko is a finnish design company specializing in textiles representing "design inspired by beautiful everyday life." amen.

these designs, among others, can be seen on mugs, bedspreads, bags, mousepads, towels, and much more.

flight 001.

i really dream about traveling abroad someday (hopefully not all too far in the future). destinations i would like to hit include: vienna, london, tokyo, stockholm, prague, and various parts of france. if you are a traveler, flight 001 is the place for you. everything from good-looking luggage to relaxation products to places to keep your food while in the air.