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Monday, August 21, 2006


for the past few years, cutxpaste has been one of my favorite websites. founded by a girl named jenny in 2002, it's a huge collection of clothing, accessories, books, stationery, and more all made by independent designers across the globe. my only problem with it is just how quickly things sell out.

since there is so much on there, tonight i will just focus on the stationery portion of the site, since i am rather obsessed with well-designed paper goods these days. i dream to own a print gocco and make my own someday.

the goods above were designed by: jill deluce, ashley alexander, leigh batnick, rose lazar, susie ghahremani, and jill bliss (whom i plan to feature tomorrow).

fishs eddy.

brookyn's fishs eddy: so much pretty dishware. playful, elegant, simple, and with lovely patterns. i am really itching lately to toss the hand-me-down mismatched dishware sitting up in our cupboards.

i know my mom will flip out over the new york city set. she's obsessed with the big apple.

bittersweet genevieve.

the work of vancouver designer genevieve dionne is extremely sweet and delicate. her silkscreen designs and mixtures of photographs & fabric are just so stunning.


there is one thing i miss about living in southern california: living within twenty miles in any direction to an ikea. nothing beats beautiful scandinavian design at extremely low prices. not to worry though- one will be opening in the summer of 2007 in portland.