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Sunday, August 20, 2006

baby geared.

i am always interested in new awesome kid items. i just found this "lunch tote" on baby geared. i think of vegan lunchbox when i think of packing lunches someday for riley.

along with that, here are some other things i'd love to own.

plum party.

i've always been one who loves to throw parties. dinner parties, potlucks, slumber parties, birthday parties, etc. (i even threw a huge birthday bash for a doll at chuck e. cheese when i was a little girl). now that we live in a house, i dream of throwing parties with good music and fanciful decorations. and what better place to buy party accessories than plum party. note: most of my favorite items sold there are made by french bull and the warhol store (which will be my next post).

shinzi katoh.

if you're into very cute japanese illustation, you must look into the work of artist shinzi katoh. very adorable images of landscapes, animals, and people. his illustrations can be purchased on tote bags that would be great to carry anywhere!


ever since i graduated from my bubblegum pink unicorn wallpaper and border at age nine, i have generally had the outlook that wallpaper is always ugly (even though i have a deep love of the vintage velvet variety). recently, though, i have found that there are some really nice ones out there. here are some examples from london's cole & son, a company that block prints all of its wallpaper.


i am on an updating spree this evening. i can't sleep, so i am spending my alone time browsing through online shops.

etui is a small business created by julie meredith, where she sells gorgeous tiny prints of her illustrations. i'd love to own them all and hide them in small corners of my home.

mini jake.

my son is currently fifteen months old. i dream of someday, perhaps if we ever finish the basement, turning the upstairs into a very stylish & fun kid's area. there are so many really great websites of very well-designed kid's furniture, accessories, wall hangings, and toys. mini jake happens to be one of those.

today's ebay dresses.

just some dresses currently on ebay that i really like.