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Saturday, August 26, 2006

mahar dry goods.

big news: earlier this evening i found out that i'm pregnant with kid #2. i'm excited and scared and not looking forward to another long nine months. since i am keeping myself up late tonight, i already have gotten back into searching the internet for very cute baby goods.

mahar dry goods is a site created by robert mahar. it's full of very nice children's items that i just love.

you'll probably be seeing a lot more baby links as my pregnancy progresses. but for now, i will just leave you with one more image, easily the cutest baby outfit i have ever seen, found at art bebe:


Anonymous chiffonade said...


You probably already know about Superbuzzy, but I just discovered them yesterday and thought you'd like them, too:

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Robert Mahar said...

Congrats are definitely in order!

Thanks for the kind mention of our site - I hope you'll visit often. =) We've got some amazing handmade things headed our way for the fall/winter!

11:50 AM  

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