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Thursday, August 24, 2006

betsey johnson.

i am someone who hates to admit that they are actually into fashion. i guess it's just that i am always trying to find balance between two completely different sides of my personality. there's one side that feels silly dressing up, that thinks a hoodie & jeans is always the way to go, that believes that no one should spend more than $10 on one article of clothing, and that wonders if "fashion people" are all shallow and therefore shouldn't be a part of that. then there's the other side that sits up all night looking at pretty clothing, can see the art of a beautiful dress, and waits all week for the next episode of project runway. i can remember spending my days off of high school watching fashion & model programs on e! i actually started college majoring in fashion design, only to go off and switch to women's studies. that just shows you the contrast of my personalities.

but yes, deep at heart, i do like it. a lot. and ever since i can remember getting into it, betsey johnson has been one of my favorite designers. sure, i think she goes a bit too far sometimes (i'm really not a big fan of neon pink mixed with animal prints), but i like that she is much more playful than a lot of other designers. i used to live right near the betsey johnson outlet, where i can remember purchasing a pair of extremely tight stretchy gold sequin pants. i wore them to high school and felt like such a rocker.

here are some of her designs that i like from fall 2005 to fall 2006:


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